ONTRUZANT® (trastuzumab-dttb) for Injection, for Intravenous Use 21 mg/mL

What is HER2+ breast cancer?

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What Is HER2+ Breast Cancer? Not an actual patient.

1 out of every
4 breast cancers
is HER2+

1 Out of Every 4 Breast Cancer Is HER2+
What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer is a tumor that starts in the breast. This happens when cells in the breast grow out of control. The tumor can be felt as a lump, which should be checked out by your doctor immediately if it has not already. Your doctor will perform tests to determine whether or not the tumor is cancerous.
How will I know if my cancer is HER2+?
If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor will want to know more details in order to help choose the best course of treatment. He or she will order tests, including a test to determine HER2 status. If this test identifies your breast cancer as HER2 positive, or HER2+, your doctor will know to treat your breast cancer with drugs that target the HER2 protein.
What makes breast cancer HER2+?
HER2 receptors are proteins found on the surfaces of cells. In a healthy breast cell, HER2 receptors send signals telling cells to grow and divide. However, HER2-positive breast cancer cells have a higher-than-normal number of HER2 receptors. Having too many HER2 receptors may make the cancer grow and divide faster.


ONTRUZANT treatment can result in heart problems. Serious and sometimes fatal events have occurred. Some patients have had serious and fatal infusion reactions and lung problems. Symptoms usually occur during or within 24 hours of administration. ONTRUZANT can cause harm to an unborn baby, in some cases death of the unborn baby, when taken by a pregnant woman. ONTRUZANT treatment may lead to a worsening of low white blood cell count.